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It is important for every mother to get adequate rest and replenishment after childbirth. The postpartum period during confinement is for recuperating and rebuilding strength. Rest up and leave the cooking to us with our flavourful, and nourishing confinement meals delivered to you every day, so that you can focus on your new bundle of joy.

Our special meals focus on improving digestion, supporting healthy lactation and restoring the body’s core energy.

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Yan Confinement Meal Features
Yan Confinement Meal Variety

Menu Highlights


The main objective for first week of confinement is to keep the body warm, replenish, nourish blood, heal wounds, and clear postpartum discharge.

The first week features a lot of ginger, wine, sesame oil and nutrient-rich herbs and ingredients.

Highlights are the braised pig’s trotters cooked with ginger and black vinegar, poached grouper fillet with black fungus, Dang Gui and rice wine, double-boiled chicken soup with Shan Yao and morel.


  • Our soup is double-boiled to extract the delicate flavours and nourishing goodness of each ingredient. Braising, Steaming and Poaching are some of the heart-healthy, moisture heat cooking methods we use for our protein dishes. Each days’ batch of fresh vegetables are gently sautéed to retain as much nutrients as possible.

Each meal features a double-boiled soup, one serving of vegetables, one serving of protein / non-meat protein, paired with a wholesome staple.

All meals are lightly seasoned with special ingredients including traditional herbs, rice wine, old ginger, and sesame oil.

Always have a choice between 2 options each day.

No reheating required for our 14-28 days packages. View FAQ here.


“用心煮好” is our chef's philosophy

Having refined his culinary approach for more than three decades in the kitchens of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, Chef Ng Sen Tio has nurtured a deep understanding and knowledge of produce and techniques driven by his earnest wish to let the sincerity and soulfulness of his cooking shine on the plates of every guest.

His dishes draw inspiration from the seasonality of ingredients and capture the essence of Cantonese cuisine, with well-balanced flavours derived from the freshest produce and masterful application of his craft.

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Reserve your plan online

Place a 15% deposit and pay the balance only when you activate the delivery service.


Activate 2-3 days in advance, before 3pm and let us know your daily choices for the menu.

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Individually packed meals for hubby or the family can be ordered a day before for your next meal delivery.


  1. – Book a plan by ordering and placing a deposit.
  3. – We will email you within 48 hours with a form to register your preferences.
  5. – Commence your plan by contacting us. Call 6384 5585 or WhatsApp +65 9769 4283 or drop us an email reserve@yan.com.sg 2-3 days in advance, before 3pm and let us know your daily choices for the menu. Upon confirmation, you will be advised to complete the balance payment as well.

Trial Menu contains option A and B. Within this option, you may also select your preferred main protein dish.

Week 1 Menu is fixed. You may select your preferred main protein dish for each day.

Menu for all other days – The meal of the day will correspond with the date of delivery. Example: If the date of delivery is for 10 September, please refer to Day 10 for the menu.

You can commence your plan by contacting us 3 working days in advance. To proceed, you will need to pay the balance for your plan.

1. Quote your Order No. when contacting us. Call 6384 5585 or WhatsApp +65 9769 4283 or drop us an email reserve@yan.com.sg

2. – Select the correct plan you had paid a deposit for here.

3. – Complete the payment for your plan on our E-store by selecting “Balance Payment” and “Add to Cart”.

Delivery is included for all plans. Please note that we do not deliver to areas in Sentosa, Tuas and Changi.

We deliver daily except for the eve of and during the 15 days of Chinese New Year (11 Feb – 26 Feb). Confinement plans and delivery arrangements need to be informed to us 2-3 days in advance, by 3pm.

Lunch is delivered between 11am-1.30pm. Dinner is delivered between 4.30pm-7pm.

Menu and delivery arrangements to be submitted 2 days in advance, before 3pm.

*One-day trial and 7-day plans are packaged in disposable containers.

Dishes for meal plans above 14 days are packed in a thermal container. The dessert/soup are packed and sealed separately to prevent spillage. Please return the thermal container to the delivery representative during the next days’ delivery drop.

As leftover food in the tingkat containers may smell unhygienic, we seek your support to give the reusable containers a light wash and drying them before passing it back to our delivery team at your next meal delivery.

If you are not keen to wash them, you may opt for disposable containers instead.

Qualify for the Early Bird Bird’s Nest gift by placing a 15% deposit one (1) calendar month before your expected delivery date. Let us know your EDD in the Order Notes section of the Checkout. You will receive your Bird’s Nest after your first week of meals.

We will try our best to accommodate to your dietary and menu preferences. You may let us know during the registration process after deposit payment has been made.

Select and order your plan online here. The deposit is 15% and is non-refundable upon confirmation of confinement service meal plan. Allocated booking slots are blocked out on a first come first serve basis. Balance payment is to be made on the 1st day of the delivery service. This reservation is only valid up to 16 weeks after the EDD. After which, it is deemed as void and cancelled.

Note: The one-day gift / trial meal is a full payment.

Yes, we have included complimentary red date tea with all your meals! 

Please contact us 1 working day in advance (before 3 pm) to notify us. We will postdate the meal for the next day. Do note that last-minute cancellations will not be replaced or refunded.

You can extend your plan easily. Just let us know!

The difference between the existing and new plan will need to be topped up. You will enjoy more value out of the longer package.

Our menus are subject to change according to seasonality and availability. We will inform you of any big changes in advance; and will always provide you with options.

To contact us, please call us 6384 5585 or WhatsApp +65 8198 2988 or drop us an email reserve@yan.com.sg