5 luxurious restaurants for a classy Lunar New Year family reunion

portfolio magazine - january 2020
Portfolio Magazine - January 2020

Yàn’s rendition of the annual yu sheng steers away from the zodiac interpretations and instead executes its very own version. The usual long shreds of radish, carrots and cucumber are displaced with crispy colored vermicelli and short julienned vegetables, forming the Kaleidoscope of Prosperity ($138). Several strands of vermicelli are dyed using natural food coloring, and thereafter decorated with edible gold leaves as a “prosperous” addition.

With offerings of an ala carte menu and six variously curated set menus, notable dishes include Deep-fried Mango and Scallops Roll that’s served alongside sautéed prawns and vegetables. The platter is decorated with a food sculpture depicting two birds to signify good luck. Carved from taro, the creation was executed by Head Chef Ng Sen Tio.

Sweet finishes include the humble Pan-fried Nian Gao ($6), where the slices of glutinous cake are lightly coated in dessicated coconut and sesame seeds.

This adapted article was originally published in Portfolio Magazine on January 7, 2020. 

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