Prosperity Salmon Yusheng

Ingredients: Salmon, Pickled Vegetable, Pickled Green, Pickled Brown, Pickled White Ginger Strip, Pickled Red Ginger Strip, Pickled Leek Strip, Pickled Yam Strip, Preserved Wintermelon Strip, Shredded White Radish, Shredded Red Carrot, Shredded Green Radish, Preserved Fuo Shou Fruit, Preserved Kit Pan Fruit, Sliced Jelly Fish, Grated Peanuts, Fried Sesame Seeds, White Pepper Powder, Cinammon Powder, Pok Choi Crackers, Raw Fish Sauce, Peanut Oil.

If you want to add on on top of the current sizes, you may purchase the add ons here: Prosperity Salmon Lo Hei – Add On

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