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Yàn Homemade XO Spicy Sauce 宴极品XO酱 (250g)

This iconic Cantonese condiment is rich in umami flavours while also packing heat. This sauce can be used as a table condiment or in cooking to enhance the flavour of fish, meats, and stir-fry vegetables. Spice up hearty dishes like fried rice or toss it into noodles — a little goes a long way!


Ingredients: Salted Fish, Dried Shrimps, Conpoy, Fresh Chili Padi, Garlic, Onions

Recommended Storage: To keep chilled after opening. Best consumed within a month. To use dry utensils to reduce spoilage.

This item will be restocked by 19 June. If you have placed an order we will update you when it is available.

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